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Aircraft Systems Assemblers - Precision

Job Summary

Responsible for repairing, installing, and assembling components for aircraft systems. Perform subassembly, fit parts, and test systems for malfunctions.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assemble and fit aircraft structural parts.
  • Rivet and derivet aircraft structural parts.
  • Repair structural components.
  • Perform a subassembly.
  • Remove and install aircraft system components.
  • Test components for wear and tear.
  • Perform repairs as needed.
  • Read and interpret drawings, diagrams and manuals, and produce sketches.
  • Overall aircraft.
  • Manufacture, modify, and repair sheet metal parts.
  • Create structures, skins, and panels to exacting tolerances.
  • Use and interpret structural repair manuals.
  • Perform composite component fabrication and repair.
  • Repair and overhaul rotary wings.
  • Repair and overhaul fixed-wing aircraft.
  • Perform CNC precision sheet metal fabrication and structural modeling.
  • Create metal-to-metal structural adhesive bonding preparation of product specifications and compliance programs.
  • Install and test mechanical and hydraulic flight control systems.
  • Perform component testing.
  • Create surface and thermal treatment weights.
  • Align, fit, assemble, connect, or install system components, using jigs, fixtures, measuring instruments, hand tools, or power tools.
  • Adjust, repair, rework, or replace parts and assemblies.
  • Layout and mark reference points.