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Job Summary

Responsible for crafting 2-dimensional art forms for use in political, advertising, social, and sports industries.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Draw from personal perspectives to create cartoons that amuse, educate, or entertain readers.
  • Develop animated narrated sequences.
  • Interpret news in the form of cartoons in the political arena.
  • Develop ideas from context.
  • Confer with editor or publisher's representative on ideas.
  • Sketch rough drafts and submit to editor for approval.
  • Participate in the storyboard, typesetting and editing process of animation.
  • Assist in story development, directing, cinematography and editing.
  • Make changes to drawings as necessary.
  • Work with publications to ensure the cartoon reproduces well on paper and make further revisions as necessary.
  • Utilize computer software or hand render drawings in accordance with preference.
  • Develop and draw comic strips on a regular basis for national or local publications.
  • Meet deadlines consistently in anticipation of press time.