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Job Summary

Responsible for gathering and reporting on news and information. Keeps public informed about breaking news and ongoing events both domestically and internationally.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Gather information for news or human interest stories.
  • Utilize a number of sources to gain different perspectives and facts.
  • Conduct interviews.
  • Direct cameraman to capture best angles.
  • Meet with government officials and conduct interviews.
  • Specialize in covering the news in a certain field such as science, politics, or crime.
  • Travel to places where events are unfolding.
  • Work for daily or weekly newspapers.
  • Cover the beats for certain subjects.
  • Take photographs.
  • Perform general office work.
  • Write, edit, and revise body copy for articles.
  • Work on freelance projects for magazines, blogs, or newspapers.
  • Transmit news stories and photographs via satellite dishes that feed the information directly into computers.
  • Convert information into short news clips edited for broadcasting.
  • Describe background and details of events.
  • Look over notes before a broadcast.
  • Determine an article's length and format.
  • Attend political, sports, news, and other events to gather information.
  • Investigate crimes, natural disasters, shootings, and other breaking news.
  • Report on specialized fields such as medicine, science and technology, politics, foreign affairs, sports, arts, consumer affairs, business, religion, crime, or education.
  • Establish priorities of events and determine order in which they will be broadcast.
  • Fact-check sources and information.