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Costume Attendant

Job Summary

Responsible for assisting performers in their costume changes during a performance. Select, fit, and alter costumes according to performers' role and body shape.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Select costumes for performers in a stage production, TV show, or similar performance.
  • Alter costumes according to body shape.
  • Assist performers with changing into multiple costumes during a show.
  • Work with multiple actors to aid in costume changes.
  • Ensure performer looks presentable on stage, including addressing makeup issues, loose threads and buttons, properly fitted shoes, and other dressings.
  • Sew up small tears if necessary.
  • Assign lockers and/or dressing rooms to performers.
  • Clean up locker rooms after performance and put away costumes for future use.
  • Organize and maintain costume storage spaces.
  • Ensure costumers are laundered properly.
  • Clean and press costumes before and after each performance.
  • Oversee the use of other items other than clothing, such as table skirts, draperies, flags, or other props or elements of the set that are made of fabric and used in the production.
  • Keep careful notes on condition of costume and replace with newer one if necessary.
  • Keep material on hand to patch costumes if necessary.