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Fire Investigator

Job Summary

Responsible for understanding the behavior of fire and determining the cause of fires in commercial buildings or residences. Investigates site, collects evidence, and prepares reports for court cases or investigating body.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Determine how and where a fire originated.
  • Process evidence at scenes where arson is suspected.
  • Determine type of fuel used in fire.
  • Collect, secure, package, and transport physical evidence.
  • Take pictures of fire scenes to present as evidence later.
  • Testify as expert witnesses in court.
  • Perform surveillance work.
  • Search site for burn patterns that point to origin of fire.
  • Speak with property owners and witnesses.
  • Decide whether fire was arson or accidental.
  • Work in conjunction with insurance companies to determine whether insurance fraud played a part.
  • Arrest suspects.
  • Collect accelerant reside for later examination.
  • Establish burn patterns and flash points of materials.
  • Determine negligence and violation of laws.
  • Investigate areas where explosions took place to determine the cause.