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Global Marketing Associate

Job Summary

Responsible for product development, market research, and facilitating communication with international businesses and partners.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Maximize company's international market share and profits.
  • Keep abreast of global market trends.
  • Develop products that meet international demands.
  • Travel to different countries and perform extensive consumer research.
  • Establish competitive pricing strategies.
  • Communicate with a variety of businessmen and women from different countries and companies.
  • Communicate in more than one language.
  • Prepare international marketing plans and policies underneath, and coordinate with other departments to achieve marketing endeavors.
  • Perform detailed strategic, pricing, and financial analyses.
  • Ensure high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Plan marketing and branding objectives.
  • Expand product solutions and offerings.
  • Prepare marketing strategies alongside other company executives and staff.
  • Analyze market trends and recommend changes to marketing and business development strategies based on analysis and feedback.
  • Prepare and adhere to budgets.
  • Oversee creation and delivery of press releases, advertisements, and other marketing materials.
  • Design print ads and publications.
  • Ensure brand messages are consistent.
  • Gather and analyze customer insight.
  • Nurture and enrich all external perceptions of the company and growth of market share.
  • Deepen relationships with all media to ensure the most effective messaging and positioning of the organization.
  • Lead all areas of content generation and production across all media platforms.
  • Take calculated risks based on data-driven analytics.
  • Drive overall CRM and direct marketing.