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Government Service Executive

Job Summary

Responsible for developing and implementing policies that guide federal, state, or international government activities. Provides direction, coordinates operations, and plans for future strategies.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Administer and monitor policies for federal, state, or international government operations.
  • Interpret and clarify laws.
  • Ensure compliance with laws.
  • Explain laws to companies and individuals under authority of commission.
  • Prepare budgets.
  • Manage and direct workers.
  • Ensure maximize returns on investments.
  • Increase worker productivity.
  • Negotiate contracts and agreements with federal and state agencies and other organizations and prepares budget for funding and implementation of programs.
  • Evaluate research and studies to help formulate policies.
  • Recommend improvements for programs and services.
  • Direct, coordinate, and conduct activities between United States Government and foreign entities.
  • Hire, train, and test personnel.
  • Organize and promote coordinate public community service programs.
  • Deliver speeches, compose articles, and present information for organization at meetings or conventions to promote services, exchange ideas, and accomplish objectives.
  • Create and maintain records.
  • Plan, direct, and coordinate operational activities at the highest level of management with the help of subordinate managers.
  • Conduct and preside over investigations to resolve complaints and violations.
  • Submit reports concerning government statutes.