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Instructional Coordinator

Job Summary

Responsible for improving the quality of education in the classroom by developing curriculums, training teachers, assessing and implementing education program, and selecting the most appropriate textbooks.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop curriculum for the classroom.
  • Select textbooks.
  • Train and mentor teachers.
  • Ensure educational programs adhere to regulations and standards.
  • Implement new technology in the classroom.
  • Specialize in specific subjects such as math or science.
  • Evaluate the potential or results of a training program's curriculum.
  • Recommend improvements.
  • Research teaching methods and techniques.
  • Develop procedures to ensure curriculum is followed successfully.
  • Ensure program goals are met.
  • Meet with members of educational committees.
  • Develop questionnaires and survey school staff.
  • Review textbooks and software.
  • Monitor use of materials in the classroom.
  • Supervise workers who catalogue and maintain educational materials and equipment.
  • Implement technology to enhance learning.
  • Monitor and facilitate the introduction of new technology.
  • Recommend supplemental educational software.
  • Implement exercises to enhance student literacy.
  • Plan and provide onsite education for teachers.
  • Train teachers on new content, programs, or organizational structures.