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Nuclear Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for researching and designing the processes and systems used to create nuclear energy and radiation. Develops instruments, monitors and designs nuclear power plants, and works on nuclear fuel cycle.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop the processes, instruments, and systems used in nuclear energy.
  • Design and develop nuclear plants that generate power.
  • Monitor plants for malfunctions.
  • Work on the production, handling, and use of nuclear fuel.
  • Oversee the safe disposal of waste produced by nuclear energy.
  • Develop nuclear power sources for naval vessels or spacecraft.
  • Research industrial and medical uses for radioactive materials.
  • Research radioactive atoms in nuclear reactions.
  • Design and develop reactors.
  • Design equipment that uses radioactive materials to solve a variety of problems in agriculture, medicine, science, and industry.
  • Supervise construction projects.
  • Supervise the loading of fuel onto a nuclear reactor.
  • Maintain safe radiation levels.
  • Oversee technicians who use radiation technology to manufacture products.
  • Research new uses for nuclear energy in the industrial or medical field.
  • Develop new concepts of thermonuclear analysis and new uses of radioactive processes.
  • Develop reactor cores, radiation shielding, and related instruments.
  • Prepare technical reports.
  • Conduct research to modify known nuclear theories concerning release, control, and utilization of nuclear energy.