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Power Distributor & Dispatcher

Job Summary

Responsible for controlling the flow of electricity through a network of transmission lines from power plants to industrial plants and substations or residential users.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Control and monitor boilers, generators, and auxiliary equipment.
  • Distribute power among generators.
  • Monitor instruments.
  • Access power grid.
  • Control flow of electricity through transmission lines to industrial plants and substations that supply residential and commercial needs for electricity.
  • Monitor and operate current converters, voltage transformers, and circuit breakers.
  • Monitor other distribution equipment and record readings at a map board, or a diagram of the transmission grid system showing the status of transmission circuits and connections with substations and industrial plants.
  • Communicate with power plant operators, energy traders, and local utilities to route energy from generating stations to customers.
  • Anticipate changes in power needs caused by weather, such as increased demand for power on a hot day or outages during a thunderstorm.
  • React to changes in the structure of the grid due to transformer or transmission line failures and route current around affected areas.
  • Operate and monitor equipment that increases or decreases voltage.
  • Operate switchboard levers to control the flow of electricity in and out of the substations.