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Teaching Assistant

Job Summary

Responsible for providing teachers with support in an educational setting. Supports and assists children in learning class materials. Supervises students in classroom, on playground, and in cafeteria.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide instructional and clerical support for teachers.
  • Help children learn class materials.
  • Reinforce what teacher taught during previous periods.
  • Prepare presentations.
  • Provide students with one-on-one attention and instruction.
  • Supervise students in the cafeteria, schoolyard, and hallways, or on field trips.
  • Help prepare materials for instruction.
  • Purchase materials as necessary.
  • Listen while students read.
  • Review and reinforce class lessons.
  • Help students find information for reports.
  • Take charge of special projects and prepare equipment or exhibits.
  • Work in computer laboratories.
  • Help students use software and other educational instruments.
  • Grade tests and papers.
  • Check homework.
  • Provide tutoring.
  • Take attendance.
  • Perform filing and typing duties.
  • Attend to the physical needs of students with disabilities, including feeding, teaching grooming habits.
  • Keep classroom neat and clean.
  • Work with young adults to help them obtain a job or to help them apply for community services.
  • Evaluate students' progress.
  • Supervise the children at play and assist in feeding and other basic care activities.