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Telecomm Specialist

Job Summary

Responsible for coordinating the installation of computer software programs and networks, including computer-assisted engineering programs for schematic cabling projects, modeling programs for cellular and satellite systems, and programs for telephone options, such as voice mail, email, and call waiting.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Oversee the installation of computer software programs and networks.
  • Maintain and modify programs as necessary.
  • Provide supervision and technical direction to technicians ensuring the successful operation of telecommunications and network infrastructure.
  • Design the voice and data communication systems for a company.
  • Audit telecommunication networks.
  • Perform wireless device monitoring and administration.
  • Perform tower structural analysis for placement of antennas.
  • Troubleshoot equipment.
  • Oversee construction of telecommunications equipment and facilities.
  • Anticipate the future needs of clients.
  • Plan, coordinate and provide input towards the ongoing development of the network infrastructure for delivery of data, voice, and multimedia service.
  • Analyze, integrate, and implement Web applications.
  • Research emerging technologies.
  • Consult with outside vendors on all issues related to telecommunications, computers, hardware, software, and other matters.
  • Provide advice on network infrastructure and telecom hardware and software issues.